The RevTron
ICP Model

Prioritizing your total addressable market with machine learning

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Stack rank your CRM

Every business is different. We create and train a new machine learning model for every customer, based on their historical business data. The outcome is a stack ranked prioritization of each account they add to their CRM.

Learn from performance to date

We enrich the existing accounts in your CRM to make sure your model has the firmographic data necessary to learn from your past performance.

Expand visibility into your TAM

Based on the firmographic profile of your wins to date, we expand visibility into your TAM by bringing similar accounts into your CRM.

Bring ruthless prioritization

Your ICP model scores every account in your CRM giving you the ability to prioritize your go-to-market machine like never before.

The ICP Model is based on firmographics. We know which data points you need to prioritize your TAM.


Number of Employees


Annual Revenue



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The highest impact applications of the ICP scores are lead scoring, targetting for outbound, and revenue forecasting.


Lead Scoring

Define the median, min and max across employee counts and annual revenues. Name top geos and industries at each tier of account scores. Rich firmographic data across your accounts as well as a probability from 1% to 100% means that you gain clear visibility into the firmographic profiles across the spectrum of your ICP.


Surface contacts to your SDRs in pre-sorted lists based on ICP score, vertical, persona and statuses. Allow machine learning to aid with sorting and selecting the targets to show to outbound SDRs and let them focus on quality and messaging.

Forecasting Revenue

The ICP score is an input or a featur for our revenue forecasting model (Tenet). This means your revenue forecasts from here forward will not just be based on machine learning informed interpretations of the quality of your sales process, but how similar the account looks to other accounts you’ve had success with.