The operating system for growth

Helping go-to-market teams make decisions hardened by data.

Be one of the first

Grow recurring revenue systematically.

Centralize the data across your go-to-market tech stack to clearly see what to double down on and where to focus.

Cleanly see the leading and lagging indicators from every go-to-market team in one place. You'll know exactly where to focus your attention.

Unlock machine learning.

Deeply understand your ideal customer profile, forecast bookings more accurately, and identify which personas your value props really resonate with. No data scientist required.

Automate with Ease

Schedule automations that keep your data clean and well segmented.

Account statuses help you see exactly where every business is in the lifecycle of becoming your customer. Automate the process of segmenting accounts as well as data enrichment.

Define your ICP

Prioritize Every Account in your CRM.

Your Ideal Customer Profile model scores every account in your CRM based on your historical performance to date, giving you the ability to prioritize your go-to-market machine like never before.

Forecast Revenue

Use ML to stress test your forecasts.

Your tenet model scores every new business opportunity in your pipeline based on the ICP fit of the account as well as how your team is working the deal.